July, 2014


Isa Haider Alaali: detained in U.K.and at risk

20 July, 2014 – Urgent

Isa Haider Alaali is a 19 year old who has spent ELEVEN months in prison, six in Bahrain and  five months in Harmondsworth and Campsfield
Detention Centres.

If he returns to Bahrain he will be in the terrible Jaw Prison, with severe overcrowding and abuse and little food or water. He will be tortured as he REFUSED to become an INFORMER. The Khalifas are putting pressure on the British Government to stop activists getting asylum in Britain. 108 have got asylum since February 2011 out of 185 applications with 20 pending.

We got a last minute APPEAL against his Deportation on 21st May 2014. 

Isa was detained and tortured three times for a total of six months after attending a peaceful demonstration in Bahrain and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment on 23rd March 2014.   He arrived in U.K. on 14th February 2014 and applied for political asylum immediately. He was sent to Harmondsworth Centre under the Fast Track Scheme and was there for five months. He is no longer under the Fast Track Scheme and is now at
Campsfield, Kidlington.   He had NO ACCESS TO A LAWYER FOR THREE WEEKS and only saw his lawyer a day before his first interview. So he had no chance to prepare his defence, or know that he needed to translate his documents.

– 11th March, his application for asylum was refused although the Home Office HADN’T SEEN A TRANSLATION of his DOCUMENTS. 

-14th March – appeal to  the Upper Tribunal.   24th March, the refusal is quashed. at the First Tier Tribunal.  Home Office  challenges the authenticity of the documents, still not translated.  

-24th April – The Appeal was refused but Judge recognises importance of the new documents.

Isa was due to be deported to Bahrain on 22nd May. The Immigration Official brought DEPORTATION PAPERS FOR ANOTHER DETAINEE! My M.P. Zac Goldsmith, who has been supportive of Isa’s case followed this up, but the Home Office deny it.

A last minute appeal on the evening of 21st May at the  High Court stopped his deportation.

He has had TWO BAIL HEARINGS which were postponed because the surity was on a business trip and then the lawyer did not tell the surities what documents to bring! Asylum seekers are allocated a lawyer, however inefficient or over worked and can’t change him.

The Harmondsworth Detention Centre video, through which  the asylum seeker talks to the court was NOT working. 

The U.K. Government supports the Bahrain regime  and tried to stop an Opposition Resolution being passed at the Geneva UNHCR meeting in June on the grounds that “reform” is taking place.   An Interim Statement on Bahrain’s Human Rights abuses was signed by 48 countries. A list of 1400 high priority prisoners, children, women and the sick and injured was presented to the Bahrain Crown Prince nearly three months ago,  but nothing has happened.

This case reflects badly on the U.K. Government,  the Immigration System and the country. Isa has been denied his chance for a fair hearing
through incompetence and lack of concern.

Please contact Theresa May, your MP or US Congress Person about his case.

Lawyers attempt to save Abdul finishes on 24th July 2014

Lawyers attempt to save Abdul finishes on 24th July 2014
15 July, 2014

Abdul is being persued for his international Human Rights work and exposing on T.V. what is going on in the “Arab Spring.” Please support Abdul as his case shows how the Khalifa regime works. Abdul is in Frankfurt Prison, Maine, Number 1. He will be tortured to confess to the offences for which he has been acquitted or new offences if extradited. His wife Fatima and four children are in a refugee camp in Trier, Germany. This is urgent. Janet

Abdul Ilah Al Mahoozi was detained on 10th July 2014 at Frankfurt Airport. He is t
hreatened with deportation to Bahrain by 24th July for offences for which he has been acquitted.
Abdul is a 33 year old architect who worked for the Manama Municipality. He is married to Fatima and has four children. A building collapsed on 11th January 2013 and killed migrant workers. He had already fined the owner stating the building was unsafe and should not house workers.
There have been many buildings collapsing in Manama with workers killed and the health and safety record in the city is poor.

Abdul was charged with the manslaughter of the migrant workers but acquitted on 6th March 2013. Other defendants were jailed. On 14th March 2013 the Bahrain Government put out a red notice on him for the same offence, although he had already been cleared. He was acquitted by the First Criminal Court in Case 1982/2013 and is innocent.

He was also accused of being a member of the Al Imam Army and acquitted of that in Case 2013/6254. The Fourth High Criminal Court issued a final and unappealable verdict on 3rd November 2013 stating that Abdul was innocent of any charges.

The Bahrain Government is persueing Abdul because he is a human rights activist who works in Iraq and Iran and has often appeared on television talking about the Arab Spring. This illegal warrant for his arrest aims to stop Abdul practising his freedom of speech and supporting Bahrainis fighting for freedom and democracy. The Government thinks that anyone asking for changes and democracy is attacking the Khalifa regime and inciting violence and hatred. They are unfortunately supported by the US and UK Governments who pretend to see non-existent reform.

The Public Prosecution should state that Abdul Ilah Al Mahoozi has been acquitted of all the offences and request Interpol to release him as the arrest request is no longer valid.

The Bahrain Government must start to practice justice and equality in the law, so that those who have committed torture and killed civilians should be imprisoned and the largely innocent victims freed. The Crown Prince received a list of 1200 priority prisoners to be freed from the U.N. but nothing has happened.

I hope you will campaign for Abdul. Dr Wolfgang Koberer is the lawyer who will handle the Interpol case and is an expert in this field. Tim Kliebe, will handle the asylum case. Please write to your M.P., M.E.P. or Congressman about Abdul.

You can also contact The Bahrain Minister of Interior and the German Home Secretary.

Time is short, Abdul needs to win his case for asylum by 24th July 2014. Yours Sincerely, Janet Salmon
I have campaigned for Bahraini detainees for 3,5 years.