Bahrain Courts of Injustice to hear "police bombing" case built on torture, family detentions


Bahrain courts of injustice to hear “police bombing” case built on torture, family detentions, expedience
8 March, 2014

Bahrain defence lawyers are worried that the government will rush through this case, declare people guilty on no evidence and pronounce executions and not merely life sentences.

The Prime Minister went on T.V. talking about “expediting” the case.

25 men were detained including 10 members of Al Samee family including 3 brothers, 3 were detained in 1990s and in a 2012 for bomb preparation, released and acquitted.

NO COMPLAINTS from the West about 25 men being detained, tortured, with no access to lawyers for SIX days.

Why were men taken to bomb site and photographed – to frame them? No details on bombing as usual.

It’s pressure on Opposition in run-up to this week’s Geneva Human Rights Conference that will focus on Bahrain.

No mention of the 2 Bahraini police killed, all on the UAE guy. Nice to know that the Gulf Co-operation police don’t get involved in “confrontations”. Like the Jordanians don’t do torture.

The detainees have been accused by Ministry of Interior of involvement in the explosion in Al Daih where 3 security men were killed. The police broke up a march at 24 year old Dirazi’s funeral, who died in prison.

This will become a major TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE with men put on death row unless the U.K. and &U.K. insist they go through the proper trial procedures.

That will lead to more anger and instability. What action can you take?

25 detainees:
Abbas Jameel al samee – Mohd Jameel al samee – Ali jameel al samee – Younis yousif al samee – Ahmed yousif al samee – Mahmood yousif al samee – Taher yousif al samee – Alaa hameed al samee – Husain ebrahim al samee – Taher ebrahim al samee – Faisal al Haddar – Mohd Nasir – Sami Mira Mushaymaa – Redha mirza Mushaymaa – Abdul Zahra mirza Mushaymaa – Husain ali hubail – Mohd Saeed – Fadhul Abbas al mutawaa – Abdullah Mohd al mutawaa – Hassan Kareem khalil – Mohd Abdul Redha Falah – Mohd Abdul Husain – Sadeq al Fardan – Husain ebrahim – Hamad jumaa

The Khalifas target and detain whole families:

Ghasras, 3 in prison, 1 in exile, Moqdads ( 7 / 8 in prison)Hasan Alis, 3 people, Our family, 3, and Al Shaikh, 5 and Al Zaki family.

Refs: Article by Patrick Coburn, in the Independent on 11th July 13. BCHR . 17th May 13 “Bahrain: Injuries, Arrests and House Raids. Case of a Bahrini Family.

European- Bahraini Organisations for H.R. Al Zaki Family subjected to mass arrests in B. 11th May 2013.

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