Bahrain has rich future with Al Khalifa gone – US, UK must repent on broken foreign policies

Salman says int’l soft policy towards Bahrain prolongs the crisis
29 March, 2014 – Shia Post

Al Wefaq secretary general Sheikh Ali Salman delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of Al Wefaq’s General Conference in Sar, where thousands of Bahrainis gathered on Friday evening. He began by saluting the people for their sacrifices and agonies for the sake of freedom and justice to Bahrain.

He strongly denounced the nonstop brutal measures against the peaceful prodemocracy struggle that has been taking place in Bahrain since February 2011.

Salman called on the masses gathered in Sar to join the opposition’s mass peaceful march on Friday 4th April.
He reiterated condemnation of all forms of violence from any side. He said the Authority is responsible for the start and continuation of violence because it is refusing the legitimate demands of the people and strangling freedoms with systematic repression against dissidents.

The opening ceremony in Sar was to be followed by Al Wefaq’s general conference to discuss the annual closing reports and elect half of its Shura Council members. However, the Bahraini Authorities have banned the event in Sar. Salman called on Al Wefaq members to attend the event in the headquarters despite the arbitrary ban.

In regards to the opposition’s position from the coming parliamentary elections, Sheik Ali Salman said if the situation remains as it is and no agreement is reached on a constitution draft for a real reform than the opposition’s only option is to continue its demands for real democratic transition.

Salman highlighted the main problems in the ruling system disapproving the unelected Government and upper house Shura Council, as well as the blatant gerrymandering in constituencies.

Salman said “The opposition parties, including Al Wefaq, believe in genuine dialogue and negotiations as a humanitarian and rational way to reach solutions. And we have always showed our readiness for this, however, we, our people, and the world have found that the Bahraini Authority lacked honesty and seriousness to engage in such dialogue”.

“The repression continues on an escalating pace and some dialogue participators are being tried, like the assistant SG of Al Wefaq Khalil al Marzooq”, he added, “The hatred speech against the people has not stopped”.

He stated, ” The opposition and people of Bahrain are more aware today of the regime’s maneuvers by which it has attempted to circumvent the legitimate demands of the people through its mixture of superficial dialogues on one hand, and continuing to practice repression on the other hand”.

“We have seen nothing new since 2013, the Authority has shown no desire for real dialogue. The opposition is managing this issue with rationalism and taking all possibilities into consideration”, he went on. ” The opposition is with the principle of and always ready for real dialogue. Nonetheless, it will not allow for the people to be fooled again. We will not waive the just demands of our people under any threats, even if it meant sending us to jail”, he stated.

He highlighted the active role of the Bahraini NGOs, teachers, journalists, workers, medics, tweeps, that advocate the people’s rights and legitimate aspirations despite all threats and repressive measures perpetrated by the authorities. …more