Bahrain Ministry of Injustice launches round-up, illegal deteantion of 25 after bomb blast

Bahrain detains 25 for involvement in bomb blast
4 MArch, 2014 – PressTV

In Bahrain, 25 people have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in a deadly bomb attack targeting police forces near the country’s capital, Manama, earlier this week.

The country’s interior minister Sheik Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa made the announcement during a televised address on Tuesday, March 4.

The Bahraini minister said the attack on Monday, March 3, left at least three police officers who were trying to break up crowds of anti-government protesters in Daih, dead.

He also mentioned an attack that killed a policeman last month.

Bahrain’s main opposition groups have also condemned the deadly attacks.

Manama also listed the February 14 coalition, and the al-Ashtar Brigades and the Resistance Brigades opposition groups as terrorist organizations, without further explanation.

Since mid-February 2011, thousands of pro-democracy protesters have held numerous demonstrations in the streets of Bahrain, calling for the Al Khalifa royal family to step down from power.

One month later, troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates invaded Bahrain to assist the Bahraini government in its crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Reports suggest scores of people have been killed and hundreds of others arrested over the past three years.

According to the Physicians for Human Rights, Bahraini doctors and nurses have been detained, tortured, or disappeared because they have “evidence of atrocities committed by the authorities, security forces, and riot police” in the crackdown on anti-government protesters. …more