Paranoid, Psychotic, Minister, fabricates tales, says Human RIghts groups support terrorists


International human rights organisations support terrorists, says Minister
31 March, 2014 – BNA

(BNA) – Minister of State for Information Affairs and the Government’s Official Spokesperson Sameera Ebrahim bin Rajab said that a major project is currently being implemented against the whole region, noting that Arab countries, be it those which went through changes, those expecting change or those which have overcome it, like Bahrain, admit that an organised and systematic plan, was prepared a long time ago, is staged against them.

In an Interview with Elaph online newspaper, the Minister of State said that the Arab media, including the Bahraini one, has not been up to the challenge as it lacked the needed infrastructure to face the sudden changes, stressing that the project was launched since the beginning of the new millennium, with the collapse of the two towers in New York.

“The process of changing the global system began in September 11, 2001, and since then the so-called ‘Islamic terrorism’ was created,” she explained, adding that the whole region came under attack and was blamed for the outbreak of terrorism because of lack of democracy claims.

The targeting of the ruling systems across the Arab world and the “exportation” of democracy to them started since 2001 and still continues. …more