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Since the beginning, Al Khalifa has used Black Propoganda to dispatch it's War against Democracy

“We are heading to the final victory; and we are the ones who write the history” – Martyr Saeed Alawainati

On The Occasion of The 14 February Uprising in Bahrain
29 December, 2014 – Manama Post

Manama Post (Exclusive): Since the beginning of the February 14 revolution and to this very day, the Al-Khalifa royal family, waged black propaganda against the Bahraini nation, but we worked diligently to save this revolution from the so-called Islamic scholars who sold their honor and ethics in exchange of petrodollar. We also fought the global arrogance hypocrisy and its double standard policy in dealing with the Bahraini people revolution who struggle to gain their liberty, independence and salvation from the dark tribal dictatorship mentality, which ruled them for many long years. The fascist regime of Al-Khalifa enjoys the political support provided by the (Buckingham Palace) and the financial and military assistance of U.S. administration. Continuous U.S. military presence in Gulf is in accordance with United States global hegemony and to serve the interests of the Zionist entity and also to besiege the resistance axis in the Arab world and in the Middle East region in particular.

Today, and as the February 14 revolution approaches the completion of its third anniversary, and after many traitors tried to distort the demands of our nation , we decided to intensify our efforts in order to confront this fierce war machine ;so we must increase our revolutionary activities more than ever before. Bahraini people’s voice of oppression must be heard through the world and ‘‘The Manama Post’’ will serve in this regard. We are going to work with transparency and away from any political affiliation and we will adhere to professionalism and total neutrality in order to break the media blackout regarding the ongoing massacre perpetrated by tyrant King Hamad. One of our ambitions is to unify the revolutionary factions in the face of the Saudi occupation and King Hamad’s mercenaries.

Today, we chose this name ‘‘The Manama Post’’ to emphasis on the centrality of our revolution which started from our capital, Manama. We have this inalienable right to demonstrate peacefully as we did before when we staged sit-ins at “Martyrs’ Square – or the Pearl Roundabout,” and we added the term “Post,” which means “letter”, in the hope that we would have this opportunity to make you aware about the everyday grievances of the Bahraini nation. Even though we do not have your address to send you our ‘‘The Manama Post’’ but our every day rendezvous with you will be at ((The Freedom)).

May Almighty God Save Bahrain