Urgent Medical Care Arranged for Hussain Hubail – Contact Your MP or Congress Person


Hussain Hubail’s Health: Update.
22 March, 2014

Hussain Hubail, 21, has pains in his chest and severe palpitations, low sugar levels and high blood pressure. Was unconscious for twelve hours on 13 Feb 2014 when rushed to hospital. Rushed to hospital 5 times in last eight months.

Increased frequency of collapses since January 2014. Salmanya Hospital consultant thinks he may have Beams contraction of the heart muscles and could need an angioplasty. He has heart spasms and faints.

Abhi (Professor Prasad) intends to do a full series of tests on him to see whether he needs an operation. If the latter he will be operated on at St George’s Hospital Tooting where Abhi is Head of the Cardiology Unit.

The Government said he could have an operation at the military hospital but there would be months of delay as only two surgeons Although the surgeon is fine, Hussain’s parents see the hospital as part of the military/prison regime that have almost killed their son. His grandfather went to the military hospital for the same operation two years ago and died. There is no heart surgery unit at Salmanya Hospital.

Every time Hubail collapses he is stabilised and then send back within a day to the terrible prison conditions: overcrowding (twelve detainees in cells for five), no beds, no clean water to drink, little water to wash, poor food, cold in winter and no winter clothes allowed. There would be no after care and he will not get the correct medication. Therefore he is unlikely to benefit from having the operation in Bahrain.

He needs daily medication but gets it intermittently, or once a week which is hopeless. This has contributed to his deterioration. I and the Bahraini campaigners feel his only chance of survival is to come to the U.K. where he can be properly treated, operated on, and given the correct after care and medication.

Hubail’s case is urgent and he was back at the hospital clinic this week. Please contact your, MP, Congressperson or Senator and bring influence to bear. This young man has done nothing except take photographs which is his job. He needs your help before he dies in prison.