Bahrain's brutal police force kill another with CS Gas – CS Gas IS NOT "less-than-lethal"

Another Bahraini dies of tear gas inhalation 18 March, 2014 – Islamic Invitation Turkey Another Bahraini has died due to inhaling tear gas fired by Saudi-backed regime forces as the ruling Al Khalifa dynasty continues its violent suppression of peaceful pro-democracy rallies in the country. Locals said they had witnessed extensive use of tear gas more »

Obama's indifference toward Bahrain's al Khalifa regime perpetuates it's bloody reign

INSIGHT: Bahrain Uprising – Three Years In, Still No Way Out 13 February, 2014 – By Brian Dooley – Middle East Voices Three years after Bahrain joined the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East, human rights defenders are left wondering when the Obama Administration will put action behind its flamboyant 2011 rhetoric about rights, more »

Bahrainis fill streets with protests as inept regime fusses with pretense of reconciliation

Bahrain Shias protest against government 22 March, 2014 – Al Jazeera Thousands of Bahrainis, mainly from the Shia majority, demonstrated near Manama on Friday against what they described as sectarian discrimination in the Sunni-ruled kingdom. “No to discrimination,” chanted protesters brandishing Bahrain’s red-and-white flag as they marched along Budaiya main road, which links Shia villages more »

Crimean ‘Check’ on Western Machinations in Ukraine

“American geo-strategic planners are fond of the chess game analogy, as articulated foremost by former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. In the wake of the resounding vote for Crimean unification with Russia at the weekend, it may be said that this move by the Crimean electorate declares a «check» on Washington’s machinations in the Ukraine…” more »

American's March to Fascism Western Media is a Propaganda Arm of the State

Western Media is a Propaganda Arm of the State by Finian Cunningham – Veterans News Now Western news media have long functioned as a propaganda arm of the state, concealing elite corruption at the heart of government: the collusion between corporate, financial and ruling power and the deeply anti-democratic nature of that power. Despite the more »