Bahrain Courts of Injustice Sentence Hussain Hubail, Jasim AlNaimi, Sadiq AlShaabani to Five Years

Hussain Hubail and Jasim AlNaimi received sentences of FIVE years today, with Sadiq AlShaabani, an actor and six activists no longer in the country. There is no pretense that these young men have actually done anything other than attend demonstrations or sent emails. In Hussain Hubail’s case, he will not survive with his heart condition. more »

Mohamed Abdulla Tajer, Sayed Hussain, Mohamed Oun Ali, Sayed Ali, suffer Bahrain Court of Injustice

I want to tell you about the decline in justice and the legal procedures in Bahrain, where people including children are detained, tortured, forced to sign unseen confessions and jailed for long periods. All you get from Mr Robertson and his predecessor Mr Burt, The U.K. Ministers for the Middle East and Northern Africa is more »

Advocate of Russian Mass Murder by Nuclear Inferno, Tymoshenko now Christian Peacemaker

Alle-Yulia! Redemption of Western Regime Change in Ukraine Finian CUNNINGHAM – 20 April, 2014 – Strategic Culture Foundation Convicted embezzler and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was on a tour of east Ukraine this Easter weekend talking about finding «compromise» and «national unity». She said she wanted to hear the grievances of the people in more »

Rihanna al Mousawi, 3 men sentenced on 29th April – URGENT

Rihanna al Mousawi, 3 men sentenced on 29th April – URGENT A terrible year for Rihanna al Mousawi who was arrested in April 2013 for “planning to bomb” the FI Race. Public Security Chief General Tariq Hassan accused her and Nafeesa al Asfoor of attempting “ a dry run to test the security measures at more »

Bahrain Police launch brutal response to Protest denoucing Regime Murder of Abdul-Aziz al-Abbar, 27

Bahrain Troops Clash with Anti-Regime Protesters Near Manama 20 April, 2014 – Tasnim News TEHRAN (Tasnim) — The Bahraini regime forces launched a fresh round of crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators protesting the killing of a 27-year-old protester, local media reported on Sunday. The protest rally, which was held in Sanabes Village, a few miles from more »