Bahrain Courts of Injustice Sentence Hussain Hubail, Jasim AlNaimi, Sadiq AlShaabani to Five Years


Hussain Hubail and Jasim AlNaimi received sentences of FIVE years today, with Sadiq AlShaabani, an actor and six activists no longer in the country. There is no pretense that these young men have actually done anything other
than attend demonstrations or sent emails.

In Hussain Hubail’s case, he will not survive with his heart condition. Please write to Jeremy Hunt, U.K. Minister of Health saying Hussain should be released on Health and Humanitarian grounds. Ask Mr Hunt to contact the Bahrain Minister of the Interior. You can contact Jeremy on:

A list of potential prisoners for release, women, kids and sick and injured has been prepared for the U.N officials who should meet the Bahrain Foreign Minister, before they leave Bahrain having completed the UNHCR project.

Regarding the Warsi statement on “no specific evidence of torture”, the Bahrainis have written to Mr Cameron and the Chairman of the House of Commons.

The Chairman said “he couldn’t talk about it” Why?

Mr Cameron said “please write to Hague”. Mr Cameron as leader of the Tories and Prime Minister should reprimand Warsi and say she must apologise. If this means a change in U.K. stance on the Khalifas’ policy of systemic torture, so be it. This issue will not fade away as most Bahrainis in London were tortured and it’s basis for their asylum application.

These are the names of all those sentenced today for 5 years:

1. Husain Hubail (in Jail)
2. Jasim Alnaimi (in Jail)
3. Sadiq Alshaabani (In Jail)
4. Husain Yousif (abroad)
5. Baqer Darwish (abroad)
6. Hasan Alsitri (abroad)
7. Yousif Al Hoori (abroad)
8. Ali Al Fayez (abroad)
9. Ahmed Almotaghawi (abroad)

حسين حبيل 5 سنوات
جاسم النعيمي 5 سنوات
صادق الشعباني 5 سنوات
حسين يوسف 5 سنوات
باقر درويش 5 سنوات
حسن الستري 5 سنوات
يوسف الحوري 5 سنوات
علي الفايز 5 سنوات
أحمد المتغوي 5 سنوات

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