Advocate of Russian Mass Murder by Nuclear Inferno, Tymoshenko now Christian Peacemaker

Alle-Yulia! Redemption of Western Regime Change in Ukraine Finian CUNNINGHAM – 20 April, 2014 – Strategic Culture Foundation Convicted embezzler and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was on a tour of east Ukraine this Easter weekend talking about finding «compromise» and «national unity». She said she wanted to hear the grievances of the people in more »

Obama Comes Out Against Self-Determination

Obama Comes Out Against Self-Determination by Paul Craig Roberts – Voltaire Network – 8 March 2014 The White House Fool has repeatedly declared erroneously and foolishly that it is “against international law” for Crimea to exercise self-determination. [1] Self-determination, as used by Washington, is a propaganda term that serves Washington’s empire but is not permissible more »