Speak Up for Hussain Hubail, a photographer illegally detained and dying in Bahrain Jau Prison

Hussain Hubail, is struggling to get medical care and survive in Jaw Prison. If he gets a consultant’s appointment the prison refuses to provide transport. Hussain’s Appeal on 20th August against his 5 year sentence was postponed until 21st September. If the US and UK Governments don’t want this young man to die in prison, more »

Urgent Medical Care Arranged for Hussain Hubail – Contact Your MP or Congress Person

Hussain Hubail’s Health: Update. 22 March, 2014 Hussain Hubail, 21, has pains in his chest and severe palpitations, low sugar levels and high blood pressure. Was unconscious for twelve hours on 13 Feb 2014 when rushed to hospital. Rushed to hospital 5 times in last eight months. Increased frequency of collapses since January 2014. Salmanya more »

Verdict In Hussain Hubail's Trial Imminent – In need of immediate health care

URGENT ACTION VERDICT IN HUSSAIN HUBAIL’S TRIAL IMMINENT 14 March, 2014 – Amnesty International Photographer Hussain Hubail is about to receive his verdict. He is on trial together with eight other men on charges arising from their exercise of their right to freedom of expression. He has been denied adequate medical treatment. Hussain Hubail’s trial, more »

Urgent: life threatening illness used as weapon of abuse against PhotoJournalist Hussain Hubail

Today Hussain Hubail, 21, a photographer detained since July 31st, had a medical appointment at the hospital with him mum. Hubail collapsed last Thursday, as he suffered from a heart spasm, and was taken to Salmaniya Hospital for treatment, where he remained in the intensive care unit for several hours and then in the short more »