Obama, Al Saud back to arming terroists groups in Syria after fascist plans in Ukraine checked

Obama weighs new aid for Syria terrorists; sets joint military plan with Saudis 29 March, 2014 – Shia Post The United States is considering allowing shipments of portable air defense systems to Syrian opposition groups, a U.S. official said Friday, as President Barack Obama sought to reassure Saudi Arabia’s king that the U.S. is not more »

Senator McCain's ISIS on the rise, seizes town from Nusra in Syria's, Hassakeh province

ISIS seizes town from Nusra in Hassakeh province 31 March, 2014 – The Daily Star BEIRUT: Militants from the Al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS have taken over the town of Markada in Hassakeh province in fighting with the Nusra Front and other Islamist militias, according to pro-opposition media and an activist group. The reports said that more »

Imperialism’s Creative Destruction in Syria

Western Imperialism’s Creative Destruction in Syria Finian CUNNINGHAM – 18 Februay, 2014 – Strategic Culture Foundation US-led Western regime change in Syria might be described as a process of creative destruction. Like Schumpeter’s economic concept of cyclical creative destruction, so too Washington’s political machinations in Syria seem to be playing out likewise. We begin with more »

Geneva conference to put an end to dellusions of American Exceptionalism

Geneva conference: Russia to put an end to American illusions 21 February, 2014 – Ghaleb Kandil – Volrairenet.com U.S. bets to initiate Russian pressure on the Syrian delegation at the Geneva Conference, to bring it to change its principled positions have failed. The disappointment of Washington appeared in the results of the tripartite meeting in more »