Hassan Jamali, AP photojournalist was stopped by police yesterday (12 Feb 14) post funeral clashes, and they revoke his accreditation, the one that Ministry of Interior give it to journalists working with foreign media to allow them to be present in the demonstrations and clashes. and they didn’t gave it back to him, which might prevent him from covering the events in the coming few days.

Hussain Hubail, photographer, collapsed last night in prison, he was transferred to Salmaniya Hospital for treatment as he was suffering low sugar, high blood pressure & heart rate disorder, they took him back at nine in the morning. Dry Dock Prison demonstration denied Hubail his medication since then.

Mohammed Al Oraibi, photographer, his family had the chance to see him today (13 Feb 14) in Dry Dock Prison after he got arrested on the 2nd Feb 14, he told them that he was tortured for 6 days in CID about his trip to Lebanon and Syria then he was transferred to Dry Dock prison on the 8th Feb.


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