Inspired by Rock-Paper-Scissors Video, US and Allies devise "Syria Rebel Aid Standards"

U.S., allies agree on standards for which opposition groups in Syria will receive aid By Karen DeYoung – 20 February, 2014 – Washington Post The United States and its principal European and Arab allies have agreed on a unified way of providing Syrian rebel groups with aid, classifying them into those who should receive arms more »

Photographers in Peril – Bahrain Regime gouges out Eyes of Press to hide Rights Abuse

URGENT – Bahrain Photographers in Peril 20 February, 2014 Mohammed Al Oraibi, 30 years old, freelance photographer, got arrested from the airport coming from Lebanon, on the 2nd Feb 2014. Disappeared. He was arrested previously in Sep 2012, for 3 months. His cameras and electronic organs were confiscated the next day, when 5 policemen in more »

Saudi Police Execute Activst and Photographer – false report of Police Casualites for cover

Four die in eastern Saudi Arabia police raid 20 February, 2014 – BBC Two police officers and two men they were trying to arrest have been killed in a gunfight in Saudi Arabia’s restive Eastern Province, officials say. The interior ministry said the officers came under fire while trying to detain “armed troublemakers” in al-Awamiya, more »