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Speak Up for Hussain Hubail, a photographer illegally detained and dying in Bahrain Jau Prison

Hussain Hubail, is struggling to get medical care and survive in Jaw Prison. If he gets a consultant’s appointment the prison refuses to provide transport. Hussain’s Appeal on 20th August against his 5 year sentence was postponed until 21st September. If the US and UK Governments don’t want this young man to die in prison, more »

US Militarizes Racism and Neoliberal Violence

The Militarization of Racism and Neoliberal Violence 18 Aug. 2014 15:43 By Henry A. Giroux, Truthout Police form a line during a standoff with protesters in Ferguson, Mo. – Photo: Whitney Curtis – NYT The recent killing and then demonization of an unarmed 18-year-old African-American youth, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri by a white police more »

Voices Grow Louder Calling for Release of Blind Detainee Jafar Matooq

9 Bahraini Human Rights Organisations Launched a Campaign for the Release of the Blind Detainee Jafar Matooq 18 August, 2014 SHAFAQNA – 9 Bahraini human rights organisations along with human rights activists in Bahrain have launched a campaign for the release of Bahraini blind detainee Jafar Matooq, who is in urgent need of treatment. This more »

'Contractual Constitution', latest in rhetorical spin from Bahrain's Reformist Wing

Bahrain opposition: A contractual constitution is a necessity to end the political crisis in Bahrain 18 aug. 2014 – ABNA The national democratic opposition parties in Bahrain staged a mass rally on Friday August 15th , 2014 marking Bahrain’s independence day anniversary from British mandate in 1971. The national democratic opposition parties in Bahrain staged more »